Diviner Science Team Meeting in Israel

The scientists working on Diviner and its data hail from around the world, and as an international collaboration the Diviner team held a meeting this past April 18-20 th at the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot, Israel. Also invited were members of other teams working on similar areas of interest such as project scientists from SpaceIL—Israel’s Lunar XPrize Team.

Those present would give talks on their current research. With everyone focused on the same instrument (or at least the same planetary body), we were able to concentrate on finer details of the research than if we were at a more general conference. Some topics spawned greater conversations, which allowed a quicker exchange of ideas than the typical emailing a collaborator in another state or country could facilitate. The topics we discussed ranged from instrument calibration to mineralogy, heat flow, cratering, rock abundance, and more. Some of the research discussed will soon be published, so be on the look-out for those Diviner papers!

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