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Supporting Online Data Described in Diviner Publications

  1. Venkatraman, J. and Paige, D. A. "Statistical estimates of rock-free lunar regolith thickness from Diviner", Submitted to GRL, 2019

    1. NRA_data_ReadMe.txt (Normalized rock abundance - description of columns)

    2. NRA_DATA.csv (Normalized rock abundance dataset, comma delimited)

  2. Schorghofer, N., and Williams, J.-P., "Mapping of ice storage processes on the Moon with time-dependent temperatures", Planet. Sci. J., 1, 54, 2020    

    1. Binary files and browse images

  3. Schorghofer, N., Williams, J.-P., Martinez-Camacho, J. M., Paige, D. A. and Siegler, M. A. "Carbon dioxide cold traps on the Moon", submitted, 2021

    1. Binary files and browse images

  4. Williams, J.-P., et al. "Temperatures of the Lacus Mortis region of the Moon", submitted, 2021

    1. Brightness temperatures and CF values

  5. Williams, J.-P., et al. "The Effects of Terrain Properties upon the Small Crater Population Distribution at Giordano Bruno: Implications for Lunar Chronology", submitted, 2021

    1. Crater counts, Bolometric temperatures, and Model results

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